Anti Radiation Fabric EMF Shielding Fabric


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free shipping 108cm X 100 cm anti radiation fabric emf shielding cloth rfid blocking lining for curtain

Product No.: RT001

Composition: PET/Ni+Cu+Ni

Thickness: 0.08-0.09mm

Resistance: 0.03-0.05 OHM


Color: transparent

type: plain

Shielding efficiency: 70-84dB


Machine washable with cold water(below 30 centi-degree)

Do not iron

No bleaching

No chemical dry-cleaning

Application of RFID Protection Fabric :

1. Plain radiation protection can be used in high frequency electromagnetic shielding conductive cloth :

Such as: industrial high frequency furnace, mobile communications, medical equipment and other industries of high frequency electromagnetic radiation protection.

2. Can be used for high electromagnetic shielding.

3. Suitable for processing the I/O interface pad, all kinds of the geometry of the shielding gasket .

4. Can produce shielding clothing, anti-static clothing, curtain , electromagnetic wave protection articles .

EMF Shielding Fabric Detail:

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