Ginseng Essential Oil

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Best producing area China or North Korea (South Korea), especially in the border of Changbai Mountain, is the best place in the country. effect Skin effect Moisturizing and promoting blood circulation and metabolism, increasing the nutrition and luster of skin cells, delaying the aging of skin, enhancing the compactness and reducing the pores. In the feet or the hot water drip a few drops of essential oil of ginseng, can achieve the purpose of invigorate the circulation of Blood Meridian, but also to achieve the beriberi foot odor removal. Physical effect Enhance human immunity, relieve fatigue, enhance physical strength. Psychic effect Enhance memory and thinking ability, vitality and longevity. matters needing attention During pregnancy, lactation, physiological period with caution. Yin Huo Wang caution Use formula Moisture replenishment shrink pores: Ginseng 2 drops + Lavender 1 drops + sweet almond oil 10 ml. Delay skin aging: Ginseng 2 drops + 1 drops of rose + sweet almond oil 10 ml. Enhance immunity and resistance: Ginseng – 3 drops of aromatherapy. Air refreshing: Ginseng + 2 drops 1 drops of rosemary aroma or bubble bath.





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