Lily Essential Oil


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Product efficacy: Skin: a very strong moisturizing ingredients, can penetrate the skin cuticle, purify the skin, make skin soft, crystal, elastic, effectively improve the peeling and dry lines, to the skin to add a lot of vitamin C, with a compact skin effect; can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, increase the transparency of the skin. Body: promote blood circulation, balance the endocrine, on ovarian and uterine helpful, prevent miscarriage and improve pregnancy morning sickness; cholesterol lowering pain, for diabetes has remarkable curative effect. Psychological Mediation: spirit, calm the nerves, sleep, relieve stress and depression, the most suitable for women to relax mediation. Using method: Take appropriate amount of essential oil, apply to the part of the massage, massage until completely absorbed. The use of essential oils — Lily According to the ratio of 10:1 can be used with olive oil, grape seed oil and other basic oil and lily flower oil diluted after the smear in the ear, neck, wrists, chest when the use of perfume.


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